Anton Vasetenkov
Anton Vasetenkov

Auckland, New Zealand

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Professional profile

An expert web developer.

I love all things web, data, and tech.


Looking to apply my skills in a suitably challenging role.

And create user value using cutting-edge web technologies and cloud services.

Work experience

Pixel Fusion Ltd., Auckland

Front-End Engineer

Jan 2017–Present

A member of self-organising and cross-functional teams involved in discovering (designing) and developing web applications and other digital products and working within the Scrum and Kanban frameworks.

Focusing on React/Redux front ends, Node.js back ends, build pipelines, and cloud deployments.

Following software engineering best practices (maintainability, reusability, testability, scalability, etc.) with web security, performance, accessibility, and SEO in mind.

Designing and developing integrations with ticketing and other third-party services.

JavaScript, ESNext

React, Redux, React Router, Vue.js, Single-page apps

Node.js, Express.js, APIs, Server-side rendering

Module bundlers, Webpack, Gulp

CI/CD, Docker, Jenkins, BitBucket, GitHub

AWS, Google Cloud

CSS, PostCSS, JSS/CSS-in-JS, Atomic Design

Test-driven development, Unit testing

SEO, Web accessibility, Cross-browser testing

Google Analytics, Tag Manager, Hotjar

Scrum, Kanban, Dual-track agile, Design sprints, Prototyping

JIRA, Confluence

Squarespace, Shopify

Goodfolk Ltd., Auckland

Front-End Developer

Aug–Nov 2016

Whilst in this role, I implemented interactive UI components for the web.

Was involved in developing websites and responsive email templates for key clients.

jQuery, Bootstrap, SASS

Angular.js, Client-side routing

Gulp, Grunt

Atomic design libraries

Marketo marketing platform



Auckland University of Technology

Computer & Information Sciences

Feb–Dec 2016

Graduate Diploma (B.Sci.)

Distributed and mobile systems: RMI, JSP, EJB, JMS with Java EE

Network Security: CCNA Security

Worked part-time during my final semester

Moscow State University

Bioengineering & Bioinformatics

Sep 2010–June 2015

Specialist Diploma (M.Sci.)

Diploma with honours

Co-authored scientific articles published in peer reviewed journals and available on Springer Link, Google Scholar (

Personal projects


Parametric Type Foundry (

A directory of parametric fonts that allows the user to preview the generated fonts and add them to their sites using CSS.

Typography, Web fonts, Type design

FontForge, Python



My Sequences (

A digital repository for personal genetic information made to provide users with fresh insights from their DNA.

Authentication, User data management

Bioinformatics, Sequence analysis


Cofactor (

A multilingual structured data platform that serves as the foundation of the Semantic Web and Linked Data.

DigitalOcean, DigitalOcean Kubernetes

Google App Engine, Kubernetes Engine, Firebase, Cloud Functions, Genomics

Amazon SageMaker, Amazon Polly, RDS, Amazon Mechanical Turk

User accounts and subscriptions, Processing online payments with Stripe

Structured data,

Accelerated Mobile Pages, Sitemaps, SEO, Social marketing


Phonetically (

A neural grapheme-to-phoneme model trained to transcribe English words into IPA pronunciations.

Machine learning, Tensorflow, Recurrent neural networks


Google Kubernetes Engine


Te Reo Maps (

An interactive mapping service in which all labels appear in te reo Māori.

Google Cloud Storage



Transcript Maps (

An interactive mapping service that renders pronunciations of the names of countries directly on the map.

Mapbox GL JS, Mapbox rich text styles

Mapnik, OpenStreetMap


Ligand (

React library for building interactive chemical diagrams.

2D web graphics with Canvas and SVG

UMD modules, Rollup.js

Touch-based UIs

Button to nowhere, Lean analytics


What is my Analytics ID? (

A tool that helps users find their Google Analytics tracking IDs so that they can install Analytics on their sites correctly.

OAuth 2.0, Google Sign-In, gapi

Google Analytics Management API

Brand and sensitive scope verification for apps that access Google user data.


Aucklander (

An interactive guide to pronouncing Auckland street names. Aucklander performs automated matching of NZ Post data to Google Knowledge Graph entities and elegantly renders street boundaries on the map.

Google Maps API, Google Knowledge Graph

Google Cloud Run


Sequence logo (

A custom visualization for Google Data Studio that renders sequence logo diagrams of protein domains. The demo report ( uses this visualization to show the primary structure of three domains. The visualization uses my custom connector ( that fetches sequence alignment data from Pfam.

Custom connectors and visualizations for Google Data Studio

Google Apps Script

2D web graphics with D3.js

Biological sequence analysis


Participant in the W3C Pronunciation Task Force (Invited Expert)

Google Knowledge Graph entity

Writing and narrating short video tutorials, e.g: